Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gust Atelier Series, The Good Side of Trilogy Business Practice

Trilogy Production plan of Gust's Atelier Series is an example of good business planning.

1. By keeping the key factors in place, Long term fan of the series is likely to continue to give support.

2. As a Trilogy, if the 1st Game is successful, Profits for the Sequels are guaranteed.

3. Once a new Trilogy started, it created a new entry point for new Players.

The downside of this is, if the 1st Game failed, the rest will go down as well.

Also, New Players are not likely to play 2nd or 3rd Game if they did not play the 1st one.

On the opposite side, Long time Series that lost their fans are mostly those that lost their Key Factors along the way.
Such as how Resident Evil's fan complain about it not being Resident Evil anymore.


When it came to Promotional Video, one successful thing that Atelier Series succeed in doing, but most Bad RPG don`t, is showing the objective of the Main Character.

For Atelier Series, the Combat and Alchemy System is the main key of the Series.
However, because each Main Character have different objective to their Action, it became a Key Factor that stand them out from the rest of the series.

For Rorona, it's Works so that her Atelier wont get Close Down.
For Ayesha, it's to find her missing Sister.

For the Bad RPG, it's common of them to show off Flashy Battle System, but the Character's objective is never Shown.
The worst amongst them are those that the Player can't figure out what are they trying to do even when they are playing it.